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With metaboolic cooking cookbook you are never dieting

Metabolic cooking review from KATE

metabolii cookingMetabolic cooking review from Kate – After giving birth, I became overweight. With the hope of gaining my well-shape I was so worried and looked for any shelves with many “keeping fit books”. Luckily, I caught “Lean kitchen Queen” which brings me happy now.

I was not only impressed by the title of the book but also the method they introduced- “Metabolic cooking”; hence, like a big wave, it appealed me immediately at the first sight. Karine is the co-author of Metabolic Cooking with her husband- Dave Ruel -a famous chef. Perhaps, being a housewife like many other women, she understands us what causes the readers like me be appealed.

It was a lucky day when my neighbor guided me to this book package. It includes not the book only but also delightful videos directly shown by Dave Ruel. Unlike other books, I find it easy to follow their recipes. Plus, there are 9 separated books in the package. Oh, it’s really awesome!

Before applying these recipes from Metabolic Cooking, I’ve tried some others to lose weight. But, they did not work at all. After I finish reading “Lean and kitchen queen” I understood why I couldn’t reach my aim with previous cookbooks.

Metabolic Cooking cookbook keens on a new method of losing weight and becoming fitness called “Metabolism”. Do you wonder about this? At first, I was at your feeling and I really satisfied after discovering this in “Lean kitchen Queen”. Metabolic cooking will help you burn fat faster by enhancing your metabolism. While some books I‘ve read previously about “healthy fat loss” just tend to apply wrong ingredients that merely urge our body to store fat instead of burning it. I used to keep in mind that eating less or even skipping meals would help lose weight. In fact, it was wrong.

Using metabolic powers certain food will enrich our body burn more fat. After skimming Metabolic Cooking, I started to follow the guidance. I never skip breakfast and eat more food that can boost metabolism. How can I express my feeling? Oh, it’s more energetic. And surprisingly I lost nearly 5 pound after the first week. It’s really fantastic! Plus, Karine and her husband get a clear structure and logical organization which makes me easy to understand and follow.

Getting started, the authors give out 9-cook book set whereby it teaches me the way to make my own taste fat torching meals. That’s really helpful. You know, I was not an excellent housewife with various dishes at all. How sad I was ‘cause my husband used to go out for dinner sometimes and he told he felt bored with the same meals and needed some things to change his appetite. But now, with 250 recipes in Metabolic Cooking set, I am able to stop him going to restaurants or he doesn’t want to miss any dishes at all. Oh, it’s really fine. Are you curious about the 9-cook book set in details?

Karien and Dave Ruel show us with: breakfast, snacks, sides, smoothies, red meat, pork, chicken & poultry, fish & seafood and even vegetarian. I am kind of busy women with my 2 small children. So, easy and fast to prepare meal is important. “Lean kitchen Queen” satisfies me so much because the dishes are very easy and quick to cook. Additionally, the Metabolic Cooking recipes also taste well. It’s terrible when I remembered some previous books I had to quit due to their awful taste.

Metabolic cooking recipe

Metabolic cooking recipes

Next, The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide appeals me most. As my main target to look for such kind of book is to lose weight, Metabolic Cooking cookbook reveals the way to burn fat faster. It points out what top fast burning food I should eat. Plus, I understand how to create my own meals in just minutes. When I focus on 10 rules of Metabolic cooking in this booklet, not only it serves me meals to get my fitness but helps me save much money as well. When I know exactly food I need to buy and how quality is I can save a considerable amount of money.

Have you ever heard The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings? It’s really fantastic! It teaches me how to create the ultimate fat burning salads that will stimulate the metabolism so that I can burn more body fat than ever. In fact, my family was not fond of eating salads much, especially my children, but when I apply the recipes in this book, I actually have salads every day. It tastes really well but don’t take much time. And the best result I satisfy most is excessive weight I lost. And my daughter, she looks prettier, really!

Metabolic cooking

Karine and Dave Ruel also take notice to seasonings. Not only me, many other women seem ignore this when cooking. However, when I skim Metabolic Cooking, I realize that it is very essential to have delicious meals and additionally, to posses dishes with lower fat. Due to the fact that they serve us The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide whereby some Sodium Free Thermo-Charged Seasonings are introduced to get a taste sensation.

Not only will this support us to have quicker meal with good taste but it’ll also give similar metabolic enhancing powers as all of the other recipes in this cookbook package. Now, my husband speaks out “hey, my beautiful chef”. Oh, god! I’m so happy to hear that and step by step I myself feel how better I am in preparing meals. My husband now is more confident to invite his friends to have dinner with us. Yes, I am a bit proud of myself!

Metabolic cookingI wanna to say “thank” to Karine and Dave Ruel. In The Supplements Optimizer Guide it shows me the way to use the right supplements and use them the right way so that I can combine proper ingredients to make the healthier meals. Plus, when I have left-over ingredients in the fridge, instead of putting them in the dust bin, I will possibly use them in a new delicious meal. That’s great.

The last but not least of Metabolic Cooking package, I receive Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets which make my life become more simples. My knowledge about cooking is widening, now I can realize many kinds of herbs and other ingredients. It makes easier when I go to the market. Previously, I was so shy when I could not name the ingredients that I demanded for. Even when I am busy with my little son, I can name them to neighbors to help me buy exactly what I need. It was so fun but upset when I could not express what the herbs in order that Jenny- my next door to buy for me. But now, it was just the past with “Lean kitchen Queen” cookbook package.

“Awesome!” is only word to express my feeling after using “Lean kitchen Queen”. I have introduced this book package to my friends and relatives after 2 months I received it. It’s so happy when I receive “thank you” from all of them, especially my friends who were over weight like me. But now, we both get our well-shape. I lost 20 pounds after 60 days with the guidance of Karine and Dave Ruel. Nancy- my next door even lost 30 pounds within 2 months by combining the recipes of “Lean kitchen Queen” with exercises everyday. If you ask me does it really work? I am sure that it works well ‘cause the Metabolic cooking method improves the body burning fat by encouraging our body burn more calories. Unlike regular “fat loss cook book” which just tends to use ingredients that will boost your body fight fat, and such unhealthy ingredients actually encourage your body to store fat such as margarine, high calorie dressings, or even sugar!

If you are a wife house like me, it is regretful if you neglect this book package. It is really a must-have cookbook because it helps both men and women. I can ensure this because all my relatives and friends agree with this view when they apply this book to their family. The husband of my best friend-Brian was a bit over weight but how about now? He becomes well-built. Now, I and Nancy have much time to chat ‘cause we don’t have to spend much time cooking with the recipes in this book. Plus, we also save considerable money when applying what Karine advices us in the “Lean kitchen Queen”. That’s really incredible! I also give this book as a gift for my aunt in her birthday. This will surely give my aunt and uncle healthier life at their old age.

The Metabolic Cooking Cookbook appeals me and people who I shared them not only by its valuable cooking methods and delicious recipes, but the friendly way Karine and Dave Ruel show us. It’s truly a pity if you miss this book when you are experiencing over weight and busy. Let’s try this “must-have” cookbook package with easy understanding videos. Hope you are happy!


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Metabolic cooking

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