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I Lost 100 Pounds and You Can Too With These Less Obvious Diet Tips

I’ve lost almost 100 pounds. If you need to reduce, no matter how much, you can too. You probably know enough about calorie counting and exercise to write your own article. Those are givens. So here are diet tips that go beyond the obvious, to the root of successful weight loss.

* Claim yours. Many people congratulate me on weight loss, but I’ve heard some envy. Don’t be jealous. Weight loss mojo isn’t a commodity. There’s plenty for everyone! Dig inside and find yours.

* Go for it. I used to think I had as much chance of getting skinny as of walking on Mars. While that attitude prevailed, I didn’t lose. When I got serious, I did.

* Responsibility. Do you make excuses for being fat? Most of us did. And valid as excuses may be, they cripple if you lean on them. You control your behavior. Let that empower you.

* Confidence. I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem and being fat didn’t help. I saw friends losing and figured they had some magic wonderfulness that set them above me. Then I realized I’d met other challenges and I could meet this one.

* Self-control. Do you blame others or circumstances for weight problems? Are you waiting on those to change? When you decide you and only can create change, then you’ll start losing.

* Visualization. Think thin. When I started out, I imagined where I wanted to be. I kept that image in front of me till it was realized.

* Just do it. You want a diet aphrodisiac? Lose weight. I know– duh! But I mean note that you’re losing! Last year, I was 40 pounds heavier. But I was also 60 pounds lighter than the year before. Seeing that kept me going.

* Update definitions. Weight loss is a process, not just an end result. So change your success definition from static to ongoing. Each day of progress is success.

* Track changes. I share weight loss updates and pictures on Facebook, in my writing and on my blogs. It’s not bragging. It shows me where I’ve been and where I am. It encourages others.

* Celebrate smalls. So you lost a half-pound, not two like you wanted? Rejoice. Jeans fitting a mite looser? Hurrah! Ate a quarter pizza instead of half? Yippee!

* Work In progress. .A Facebook friend commented recently that I looked tiny. Tiny? Me? Small-ER, maybe. Then I realized that it’s progress, not perfection.

* Lose Fat-itude. So “tiny” is harder to self-apply. But why? We’re ready enough to call ourselves fat. Why not embrace “skinny?”

* Lose shame. Shame cuts deeper than physical. As you heal it, other changes come easier .

* Love yourself. My husband shows the way here. He has what I call “fat blindness.” He thinks I was pretty fat and skinny. He loves me just the same. Learn to do that with yourself. Seriously. If you can’t love yourself fat, you won’t when you’re skinny.

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