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Firm Up Post Weight Loss Skin: A-Z Toning Exercises, Supplements And Treatments

I’ve lost 100 pounds and I’m now faced with the big question–how to firm up post-fat saggy skin? It’s tricky if you have a lot of weight to lose. You can’t predict exactly how your body will look like when you’re done. You don’t know what parts will end up needing the most toning. Here are A-Z skin and muscle toners to firm up a post-weight loss or body. I’ve included lower-impact exercises for those of us with health problems that prevent more strenuous workouts.

Antioxidants. Acai, apple cider, green tea flush impurities and cleanse the system.

Biking. Try a stationary bike with arm toner bars.

Coconut oil. Massage all over body at night. Be sure to get pure, not commercial grade. .

Dance. Latin, swing, ballet–any dance is a whole-body toner.

Exfoliate skin. Since I started using a loofah and body wash with sea salt and moisturizer, my skin is firmer and more supple.

Flaxseed. Fiber plus monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and omega oils make this superfood perfect for building healthy body and skin tone.

Gardening or grocery shopping. I’m serious. You’re lifting, carrying, walking. pushing, pulling, getting a real workout.

Hugs. Really–touch, massages, cuddling–all release endorphins that make you feel calm and relaxed. No need for botox to deaden wrinkles–just embrace them away! edicineNet describes how it works.

Ice-skating. Or any type of skating improves coordination, balance and

Jump on a trampoline (preferably with children!)

Lotion and night moisturizer. I use Lancome night cream and wrinkle serum when I get a coupon for freebies with purchase at Younkers. When I can’t, I use cheaper Oil of Olay night rejuvenating cream. During the day, I use Aveeno BB cream  and Jergens firming body lotion for all-over skin tightening.

Massage. No need to pay a professional. Gently but firmly rub face neck, arms, legs to work out skin sags.

Nix over-exposure so sun. Tanning drys skin and adds wrinkles.

Omega oils. I take omega-3 and krill oil to replenish fatty acids stripped away by dieting.


Quiet time. Meditation, rest, sleep, break time, contemplation all help center mind and reduce tension (and stress lines).

Running up stairs. This simple switch from running to walking burns calories and improves coordination.

Swimming. Besides being a whole-body workout, water sports help exfoliate skin.

Tai Chi. Another good centering and balance workout.

Underwater sports. Like swimming, diving, SCUBA and snorkling are good total-body workouts.

Vitamins. I take vitamin C for antioxidants, vitamin A, D and biotin for healthy skin, vitamin B to calm and center. I massage vitamin E oil to perk up tired skin.

Walking the dog.

X out frowns. Smile more to exercise facial muscles and relieve frown wrinkles.

Yoga. I’ve noticed improved concentration, coordination, flexibility and peace of mind since I started.

Zumba. This is probably the most fun you can have exercising!

I expect that after big weight loss, especially at almost 50, I expect some residual sagging. But I’ve learned to live with that and accept myself as I am.

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