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Guide to Water Fasting for Weight Loss

Weight Loss With Water Fasting

Water fasting will cleanse your body and help you lose weight. It may be one of the most difficult but proven methods of weight loss. Before taking on a water fast, you should do your research and read up on what others have experienced. It’s gaining tremendous popularity these days, not only for weight loss, but also for gaining a …

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The 27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore review


Overweight undoubtedly proves to be a headache issue for a large number of people, especially under the influence of the growing popularity of a pedestrian and “fast” lifestyle. Whoever or whatever factor, intrinsic or extrinsic, it is to be blamed for, we care more about dealing with it by seeking for the help of various methods, prefer the safest and …

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Top 8 Weight Loss Foods For Men

Top 8 Weight Loss Foods For Men – As it comes to weight loss foods for men, dry toast and celery can be a classic. However, the truth is that, you will not lose excess weight nibbling on scant amounts of these items. Actually, your body will only think it is starving and hang onto these excess pounds. More importantly, …

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7 Weight Loss Foods You May Not Know

foods for weight loss

While there is no such thing as the great diet, there are a lot of key weight loss foods, which researchers have proven that they can help dieters in losing excess weight effectively. These foods will work in a variety ways and for different reasons, but all of them have common, which people that eat them as a part of …

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Top 9 Healthy Weight Loss Foods For Women


As women, you and I, or even famous female celebrities are the same when it comes to losing weight. At the end of the day, we all have to face the same tough question: “What’s for dinner?” Needless to say, to successfully lose weight, you have to not only exercise but also eat healthy foods. The right balance of healthy …

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Decadently Diet Dessert Recipes for Summer Picnics, Parties, Holidays

I’ve lost almost 100 pounds. I know that deprivation dieters feel at parties– indulgence all around while we munch carrots. Summer picnic season is especially hard. Here are decadently diet summer desserts. That’s not an oxymoron. You really can have your cake and eat it too! Just in time for Memorial Day, graduation open houses, Father’s Day, baptisms, weddings, 4th …

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Slimming Tea Effect – Lose Weight Naturally With Slimming Tea

slimming tea

With more and more people concerned about being slim, many are finding new ways to lose weight in a more natural way rather than going under the knives and blades. With the growing popularity of the miracles of slimming tea on the rise, many are finding it very useful. This is mostly because its effect on Chinese people who stay …

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With metaboolic cooking cookbook you are never dieting

Metabolic cooking

Metabolic cooking review from KATE Metabolic cooking review from Kate – After giving birth, I became overweight. With the hope of gaining my well-shape I was so worried and looked for any shelves with many “keeping fit books”. Luckily, I caught “Lean kitchen Queen” which brings me happy now. I was not only impressed by the title of the book …

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Fat Burning Fruits, Better Fruit Food Swaps to Lose Weight

I’ve lost 100 pounds counting calories and swapping worse foods for better ones. One common diet tip is to boost vegetables and fruit. Good start. But it’s not that simple. Some fruits are better than others. Some are fat burners and some should be avoided altogether. Here are fruit food swaps and recipes to trim pounds. * Swap juice for …

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